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What does “Gamaguchi” mean?

In Japan a frame purse is called “gamaguchi”, as the frame looks as though it is a mouth of a toad.

In Japanese, “Gamagaeru蝦蟇” means toad 🐸

and “kuchi口” means mouth.

In Japan, frogs (カエル kaeru) are also said to be lucky symbols.

Speaking of the word “Kaeru”, it doesn’t only mean “frog”, but it also means

to return 還る, to go home 帰る, or to change 変える.

So there are frog charms wishing that you return home safely,

or the happiness will return to you etc…

At gamaguchi & more, each gamaguchi is handmade

wishing loooots of ✨blessings & good luck✨ for the holder.


Please kindly arrange an appointment 

​before you visit, thank you!

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