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About this shop

At gamaguchi & more, you can meet 

handmade frame purses that are made from textiles from Japan.

We plan to introduce nice products from Japan

such as natural incense sticks from Shoyeido etc...

In the near future we also plan to have vintage kimono clothes,

that were once used as kimonos in the past.

We hope you will feel the history or nostalgy from the past.

In addition, second hand Japanese style jackets called Haori 

which is worn over the kimono.


Each gamaguchi is handmade with care

using textiles from Japan. Wishing a lot of happiness for each gamaguchi holders.

Mainly used textiles are japanese printed textile.

And some are made from recycled vintage kimono, some are from Chirimen (traditional Japanese fabric that has wrinkles / crepe fabric),

and some are from Nishijin-ori (traditional textile from Nishijin district in Kyoto. The weaving is known for its beautiful and decorative design)

If you are interested in incense sticks,

please come and visit to smell the Shoyeido incense sticks and see if there is anything

that may bring harmony to your life. 

Shoyeido has a long history since 1705.

They use high quality natural incense and preserve the traditions of incense blending.

Their slogan is “Life with fragrance”

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