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Kimono & Kimono Jackets(Haori) & vintage clothes

We now have some kimono, vintage kimono and

also clothes that were once worn as a kimono in the past. 

If you undo a kimono, it will return to be a fabric again,

as kimono fabrics are mostly not cut, but just sewn to create kimonos.

(When a kimono is hanging, you can see the line is straight.)

Therefore the beautiful fabric is reusable after washing and ironing.

Kimono Jackets called Haori, can also be used as jackets.

Please come to our shop in Lörick, Düsseldorf and take a look with your own eyes,

as we do not sell the Kimono & Haori through the internet.

Since they are second hand, we would like you to check with your own eyes

how beautiful they are, and if there are any stains etc..., to check if it is acceptable for you.

At the moment, we only have a few Obi, but we plan to have more this Autumn (2023).

In order to keep your Kimono and Haori in good condition, we kindly remind you to touch them

only with clean hands (no hand creams), and avoid water contact as you can get water spots.

Please do not wash them yourself unless there is a washing mark on the Kimono or Haori.

(Many polyester(ポリエステル) Kimono and Haori are washable at home.)

Please bring them to dry cleaning after wearing.

Once in a time, please hang the kimono on a pole to get fresh air through them.

Thank you very much for taking good care of the lovely Kimono and Haori.

vintage haori
vintage haori
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